Please note that this blog is no longer active.

I used to run this blog as a full-out book blog, accepting review requests, posting regular author interviews, etc. But other commitments have meant I’ve had to close down this blog.

I’ve left previous reviews, interviews, and posts up for posterity.

What is this site?

Quillsandzebras was home to my book reviews, which can include classics, out-of-print oddities, bestsellers, indie ebooks, online serials, and just about any form in which you can find fiction. Most genres are welcome.

On occasion, you may find random book and webfiction chat, including rambles, to-read piles, memes, and other amusing oddities.

Credit for the stock images used in the banner goes to stock.xchng.

Who are you?

I’m a chocolate lover and whimsical author. My active website is amharte.com.

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