novel push initiative

Back at the end of May, I gave myself a kick in the butt. I decided to finish my WIP adventure fantasy novel, which was stagnating at 18,000 words.

So, I wrote a silly little blog entry, as you do, called write that novel!, with a little advice on how to get started and keep your motivation going. And then I wrote, wrote, wrote, wrote, and wrote.

For 78 days (May 11 – July 27) I worked on my story, averaging at 450 words a day, adding 34,700 words to my story. And then, on July 27th, at 52,700 words, I hit a block. I’d run my muse into the ground.

I haven’t managed to work on the story since.

So. A long time later, dissertation out of the way, free time on my hands, fresh ideas in my head, I’m picking up the pen again.

Only this time, I’m not alone.

Merrilee Faber, the genius behind the e-fiction book club, is running a Novel Push Initiative.

Got a story you need a kick in the butt to work on? Why don’t you consider joining in on the fun?


About A.M. Harte

A.M. Harte writes twisted speculative fiction, such as the post-apocalyptic Above Ground and the zombie love anthology Hungry For You. She is excellent at missing deadlines, has long forgotten what ‘free time’ means, and is utterly addicted to chocolate.
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3 Responses to novel push initiative

  1. Merrilee says:

    LOL! I think I like being called a genius :) How’s my ego? Getting a bit rotund around the derriere?

  2. Francesca says:

    Just a fellow NPI-er stopping by, subtly avoiding starting the day’s writing.

    la la la

    Good luck to you! See you round the twittersphere, posting daily word counts.

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