vile villains!

From the black widow to the serial killer, from the umbridge to the worthy opponent, what villains have you been using in your web fiction?

I asked webfiction authors to submit descriptions of their evil creations. Here’s ten of them:

10. Type 1 Pirate: Captain Burian Lake

Captain Lake is the most bloodthirsty pirate sailing the seas of Ta Ante. Legend is, he sank a hundred ships and killed a thousand sailors. His motives for such evildoings are as yet unclear. He’s a pirate. Why do they do what they do?

No one sees Burian Lake and lives to tell the tale. Lake is most assuredly a type 1 pirate: chaotic evil, very interested in a map that may lead to treasure. There may also be some sword fighting.

From Boat Story by Grant Cravens.

9. Evil Minion: Satriach

Satriach is an knight who wears a titanium mask and sturdy brass armour. His hair is yellow, and half a meter long. His weapon of choice is a sword that has a cannon barrel as its hilt, making him one of the more powerful villains in the story.

He serves the Black Raider gang, and Nistrea Alkion in particular: he is Nistrea’s guardian, a conscious cybernetic being similar to Megaman in Megaman Battle Network and Megaman NT Warrior.

From Chaos Fighters:Cyber Assault-The Secret Programs by Murazrai.

8. Wicked Cultured: Other-James

A thin, pale man, dressed in a perfectly tailored black suit, along with a pair of silver mirrored sunglasses that he never, ever takes off.

As his name suggests, Other-James is a mirror image of the main character. While he is seemingly invisible to everyone else, he can still interact with his surroundings.

He gets a great deal of pleasure from the fact that no one knows which side he’s on. He’ll help out one minute, and the next drag you down to your death.

From One Last Autumn by Tahjir.

7. The Baroness/The Fair Folk: Mardalan

Striking in her looks, Mardalan is a tall, white-skinned woman with bright red hair who wears a long, high-necked, Victorian-style black dress. But there’s a vicious side to this lady!

When angry, she can make herself extremely tall and grow claws. And if that isn’t enough, Mardalan is a faerie, capable of casting glamours to beguile innocent victims.

Her motives? Evil and mischief. It’s fun to screw with humans, and why would she do anything except for the sole reason that it’s fun?

From Chatoyant College by Clare K. R. Miller.

6. Dirty Coward: Cade Fayegeaux

Cade uses trickery and deceit, organized crime, henchmen, and any underhanded action he can get away with. The seedier the better. He’s especially fond of setting up others to look like they did his misdeeds instead of him. He has magic and the power of a deep, indescribable nothingness backing him. His favorite method of doing anything is making the good guys forget he exists.

Cade’s appearance varies depending on how many Armed have managed to hit him lately, but his nose is always at some wrong angle. He has brown hair, tanned leathery skin, and stubble. He is the nondescript bum on the streetcorner that you so easily forget. He likes to be forgotten. It’s kind of his job. Cade doesn’t get very many detailed descriptions, because most people forget what he looks like as they’re describing him.

So what are his motives? Cade just wants to keep Nul happy. Wouldn’t you? Anything further than that, he obscures as intently as he does his own identity, to the point that he himself has forgotten it.

From The Peacock King by Irk & Char.

5. Corrupt Corporate Executive: Daniel Gibson

Daniel Gibson is an anomaly. In an international conglomerate of psychics, witches and technological geniuses, he’s a mundane. Despite his lack of ‘superpowers’, Daniel Gibson is the King of the Hill at the Alpha Facility, climbing his way to the top with sophistication, charm, skilful manipulation and a few knives and boot heels left in backs as well.

He uses his scheming abilities, intellect, and power within the corporation to thwart the heroes and get what he wants, as well as to protect his own hide. Many of the upper echelons respect and/or fear him, and he has eyes and ears everywhere.

Daniel is a man driven by power. He loves it, he craves it, and he will do anything to keep it and move up the corporate ladder. Ownership and possession, too, play a part and Daniel can be equally driven to possess something (or someone), and will use his power every which way to that end.

Physically, Daniel stands a little over six feet, has sandy blonde/brown hair, and an innocent, charming boyish smile which makes it so easy for people to fall into his traps…. I mean, for him to win people over. His green eyes, however, are his trademark beauty feature.

From Strange Little Band by Nancy Brauer & Vanessa Brooks.

4. White Haired Pretty Boy: Vincent

Vincent is a terrorist, a cursed wolf, an agent of the underworld. He collects souls for the underworld goddess, and lusts after power. He is trying to take out his father—the ruler of Atheria—to ascend to the throne, and doesn’t care about how much damage he incurs in the process.

Vincent has a rather ruthless streak, and tends to go for overkill. He’s not afraid of sacrificing his own people to get what he wants. He believes in expending a few lives to save the world, and does his utmost to live by that philosophy. And he has the looks to go with his personality: he has white hair, lime green eyes, and is over six feet tall.

From It’s All Relative by Najela.

3. The Evil Prince: Hildin of Tremont, called Usurper

Another power-seeker, Hildin loves to fuck with his older brother Warin, the hero, and wants to make sure Warin dies so that he himself can inherit the throne properly. Although not as magically powerful as Warin, Hildin is a lot less scrupulous, and will do anything to succeed.

A prime example of his behaviour is when he kidnaps Emmae, the heroine, and does horrible things to her, all the while hoping to draw Warin out of hiding and kill him. But Hildin’s lust for power doesn’t stop there. He is a raging dominant, and has a completely submissive servant in his cousin Gian.

Looks-wise, Hildin resembles his brother greatly: long, tall, angular body; dark, nearly black hair (Hildin’s just past his shoulders, Warin’s in a long braid); brown eyes, slightly deep-set; a nose sharp and on the large side.

From An Intimate History of the Greater Kingdom by MeiLin Miranda.

2. Psycho For Hire: The Executioner, who claims to be named Ray

The Executioner is an ordinary looking guy. Balding, black-haired, thin and wiry, with a fondness for expensive watches. He’s an assassin specializing in superheroes and he does his best to make it pay, motivated by the promise of profit.

He is hired by people interested in seeing the hero dead. But he doesn’t go straight for the kill: the Executioner starts by killing relatives and friends, finishing the target only after causing a certain amount of emotional pain.

And he does all this without superpowers of his own. All he’s got is a high level of competence with weaponry, intelligence, and the ability to plan.

From The Legion of Nothing by Jim Zoetewey.

1. Eldritch Abomination: Meznik

Not much is known about Meznik or his motives. At times, he seems to be an artist, simply trying to express himself in a world that does not want him. Other times, he’s a bored man, seeking to make what he sees as a stage play more interesting. Then there are times when he seems entirely driven by a special grudge against certain individuals. Pervading all of these things is a hunger…but for WHAT, exactly, remains to be seen.

Meznik is known as an ‘astral demon’; an otherworldly being that lacks a true form. His presence creates a feeling of wrongness, and with good reason: one of his powers is the subtle creation of madness, either by damaging some mode of reasoning (in one main character’s case) or by creating a powerful illusion in the mind. He also takes natural law and twists it to accommodate for his esoteric plans, and can devour people’s consciousness.

It has been discovered that Meznik can reside in a strange slime that seems to grow from nothing. He’s also been known to reside in the melody of a song.

From Eikasia by Illise Montoya.


Thank you to all the authors for your submissions!

Villains are such fascinating creations. There’s something inherently addictive about being bad, don’t you think?

[Edit: Many thanks to Darien Meredith for the idea in the first place! Check back next Saturday for a follow-up post on heroes.]


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  1. Merrilee says:

    Fantastic post, great to see different takes on the wily villain! Well done! Are there follow on lists of heroes, heroines and sidekicks to come?

  2. Nancy says:

    Quite the menagerie! “One Last Autumn”‘s Other-James particularly intrigued me.

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