how i spent my easter holiday

You know how at school the (uninspired) teachers would always assign very classic essay titles? Every year you’d have to churn out the same old crap, talking about your _insert word here_ holiday.

Yes, I know it’s not Easter. But I was cleaning out my hard drive (sorry mama!) and found this little (self-indulgent) scribble and thought to share it with y’all.


How I Spent My Easter Holiday

I wasted my entire Easter holiday thinking. I went through each day mechanically, with the dull tediousness of a robot, each step simply a task to be accomplished. My favorite tasks were the mindless ones; the monotonous repetitiveness allowed my mind to soar in the heat-soaked city.

I thought of many things. I thought of the soothing feel of water pounding against my skin in my mother’s bathroom, and of the awkward sound of droplets hitting my shower cap. I thought of the sweet scent of soap on my hands, and resolved to wash my hands more often, if only to savor the smell for longer. I thought of the cool leather couch, growing warmer and sticker the longer I sat. I thought of how nice it would be to sunbathe on the balcony, and cursed when every day that I resolved to do so, the sun would disappear behind a sea of clouds.

In the silence of my home, I thought of the annoying ticking of clocks, and of time as some convenient measuring system that hardly mattered in the scale of things. I thought of learning how to play the piano, learning how to express the creativity bottled within. I thought of why my favorite pen was my favorite as it flowed smoothly across the paper from one word to the next. I thought of the rough texture of my skin, the dryness highlighting every wrinkle that, one day, would blemish my body.

I thought of countless, diverse things, breaking down everything I did into individual, hardly-considered elements.

At the end of the holiday, I was sad to realize that I had spent so much time thinking, that I never had the time to truly feel anything I’d felt.


What were your favourite or least favourite school essay titles?


About A.M. Harte

A.M. Harte writes twisted speculative fiction, such as the post-apocalyptic Above Ground and the zombie love anthology Hungry For You. She is excellent at missing deadlines, has long forgotten what ‘free time’ means, and is utterly addicted to chocolate.
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9 Responses to how i spent my easter holiday

  1. canadiancat says:

    How old were you when your wrote that? Sounds like your pen was possessed by a writer many years ahead of her time. I liked the showercap reference – although I don’t wear one myself.

    Favorite/Least Favorite Essay Topics:
    Thank you letters to places we visited on Field Trips (went to Pizza Hut once to learn about fractions!); What Did you Enjoy About ‘x’?

  2. Sora says:

    How I spent my summer vacation is by far the one I hate the most.

  3. doro mega says:

    i realy enjoyed giving this to my teacher as my homework pls dont sue me if he likes so much and decides to publish it. #realyniceesssay

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