a time for questions

Halloween is synonymous with a number of things, amongst which candy, dressing up, pumpkins, and, for the more evil amongst us, a time to play evil tricks on others.

But in ye olde days, Halloween was synonymous with fear. It was a time when demons and witches and ghouls and maybe even amphisbaenas came out to play.

Perhaps we should return to those roots, and do something that personally frightens us on this day.

Okay, okay, you’ve got me. All of this is just a fancy set-up for what is ultimately an open-ended interview with yours truly. Which, to be fair, is something I am a little frightened of, because I’ve decided to let you guys come up with the questions.

I was just going to do a self-interview, but that could get boring. A little predictable for me, no surprises as to what the questions are going to be, etc.

So, this is your chance. You ask the questions, and I promise to be my utmost honest self when answering.

What do you want to know?


About A.M. Harte

A.M. Harte writes twisted speculative fiction, such as the post-apocalyptic Above Ground and the zombie love anthology Hungry For You. She is excellent at missing deadlines, has long forgotten what ‘free time’ means, and is utterly addicted to chocolate.
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17 Responses to a time for questions

  1. Jan Oda says:

    What’s your bra size?

  2. MauiPotiki says:

    I’m from Generation-X, otherwise known as the devil’s child generation, given that they grew up during the age of classic horror like the Omen, and all. I really should have put more effort into the whole Halloween thing, but it sorta drifted on by me this time around …

  3. MauiPotiki says:

    I guess I could ask you what film has really come the closest to terrifying you shitless … that might be a good place to start :)

    • I tend to avoid watching horror films – I have a really active imagination and just end up dreaming about the film, with me as the protagonist. So I’ve made a point of not going to see any of the classic scary stuff.

      That said, I saw a piece of The Ring (the original Japanese version) and was pretty spooked. Some parts of Gothika did as well. What can I say? I scare easily!

  4. Najela says:

    Asking about anything? Like what is this for? Your author website or your personal website? I guess these are questions, but probably not what you want. XD

  5. Ace says:

    The meaning of life is 42.

    But questions for you?

    How about: Planner or pantser? Why?

    • Hrm. I think I’m a borderline planner. I tend to be quite OCD with writing outlines and scene ideas and continuously shuffling them into some semblance of order, and copying them from one notebook (the scraps one) to another (the organized one) but I’m also quite likely to deviate from my plans and just go where a scene takes me.

      And especially when I begin a project, I tend to have no idea where I’m going with the story – it’s only after I write several chapters (perhaps 10 or so) that I start thinking about plot and where the story’s going to go.

  6. Najela says:

    Where did you get the idea for Above Ground?

    • I hope I don’t lose kudos points by saying this, but from a dream. The part in the theatre where Lilith and Emma watched the weres transform, could hear the bones snapping and all the screams? That was a dream I had, where I was in this freak show kind of theatre. I wrote that scene, first, and then things seemed to just magically unfold from there!

      • Najela says:

        Why did you decide to publish online? Do you have any stories that you plan on going the traditional route? If so, why? And if no, why not?

        • This is the longest answer ever. Sorry!

          I’m not sure exactly when I decided to publish online. I’d been reading webfiction for several years by that point (July of this year) and it just seemed like a natural progression to do the same myself, not to mention it was a stress-relieving project at the time as I was bashing out my Masters thesis.

          I’ve been comfortable with the idea of putting stuff online since my early teens, when I wrote fanfiction, and since I knew Above Ground wasn’t ever meant to be anything serious, I didn’t mind the fact that putting it online means it’s unlikely it’ll ever be published traditionally.

          That said, my ultimate goal *is* to be published traditionally. And I have a WIP novel (currently in it’s 2nd draft) which I am working on at the moment (you can see some details about it on amharte.wordpress.com). Again, Above Ground ends up being my stress relief – when I get upset or blocked with my novel, I work on AG instead.

          So I guess I decided to publish online because it is a rewarding experience, a way for me to write and avoid many writer’s pitfalls (loneliness, frustration, etc), and a way to get instant, gratifying feedback – all of which will hopefully make my WIP novel better.

          • Najela says:

            Cool Cool. I can’t think of any questions. Uh… how long have you been writing your WIP novel? When do you think you’ll be done editing that and start the dreaded query process?

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