searchterm challenge, round 2 – vote!

On October 25th, I set up a writing challenge inspired by the bizarre searchterms used to find the website Strange Little Band.

The challenge was to include at least three of the following searchterms in a 3-part short story:

• strange publicity
• latched on her nipple
• how to make a male body part cake
• repercussions band
• periwinkle peasant skirt
• inflicting pain to Jacob

[For full details of the writing challenge rules, see the original post.]

Who was daring enough to take the challenge? Well, I can’t tell you who, but I can point you to all the awesome entries.

I was going to write a short synopsis of each, but decided to just post a tantalizing teaser. They’re short stories. Stop being lazy and go read them!


#1 – Impossible Odds

“They… they wanted it…” he whimpered, then realized what he’d said, and smacked his head into the table.

#2 – Day Job

Glass crunched beneath my boot. I’d stepped on one of the pictures the old woman had dropped; a faded, sepia-toned shot of a fat kid on a rocking horse.

#3 – Wooing Zadie

That was enough to distract Jacob from her plans. He grinned as he swaggered off to the bedroom, with a look like he was half expecting her to follow.

#4 – Echoing Footsteps

The paintings don’t seem so interesting anymore, crumbling like the plaster they are made of in the face of this maleness.

#5 – An Unwelcome Intrusion

She moved into the lounge, following the sound of his voice and found him spread out on the couch, a bottle in one hand and a cigarette in the other.


Have you read all of the entries above?

Good. Now let us now what you think!

Vote for your favourite using the poll below. Voting will close November 15 at midnight GMT. The winner will receive eternal fame and glory. [16/11/2009: Voting has closed and a winner was picked. The poll has been left open for future readers.]

Oh and I forgot to say, if you’re one of the authors, please vote on a story other than your own. Voting for yourself is just silly.


About A.M. Harte

A.M. Harte writes twisted speculative fiction, such as the post-apocalyptic Above Ground and the zombie love anthology Hungry For You. She is excellent at missing deadlines, has long forgotten what ‘free time’ means, and is utterly addicted to chocolate.
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9 Responses to searchterm challenge, round 2 – vote!

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  2. Merrilee says:

    Damn. I wanted to vote for more than one. It was a very hard choice. Well done guys, really great stories!

  3. J.C says:

    They are really great stories. How come we can’t see the results as we go? Oh man I so wanna know how many votes each one has!

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  5. MauiPotiki says:

    Ooh what a nice bunch we have …

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  7. J.C says:

    The 15th is far too far away if you ask me

  8. MauiPotiki says:

    5 more days?! Good grief! Vote faster people!

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