my favourite: a to do list

Did you know if you put the words ‘to’ and ‘do’ together, you get the Spanish word for ‘all’? It kind of makes a twisted sense, because you do hope to include all your plans on that measly scrap of paper.

Anyway, I was thinking I should really put some more non-interview content on here, especially considering that said interviews probably will – in the new year – have a new home elsewhere.

As usual, I just took inspiration off of a blog that is so consistently good I wish I wrote the entries. I’m speaking of Merrilee Faber’s blog, of course, and her recent entry about Project Diligent December (which she stole from somewhere else!).

Unlike Merrilee, I’m not a huge fan of the short story medium. I find it incredibly hard to write, and things always end up spiralling out of control. I only ever seem to have novel-sized ideas.

But I do write as if I were writing a short story – I break everything down into chapters, or scenes, and episodes as it were. So I have cheated and included a couple things on my list that aren’t quite short stories. Shush.

Yes, instead of actually writing, I procrastinated by making a to do list. Give me a break, I’m an INTJ; we love to do lists.

Title Genre Type Stage
The Dreamer Literary Short story First draft
Sub rosa Speculative Short story Outlined
DarkSight Ep. 01 Horror Serial 1,900 / 2,500
DarkSight Ep. 02 Horror Serial Outlined
Untitled Fantasy Bonus story First draft
Into the sea Fantasy Short story Planning

Errr… yes. Not a very long list, I know.

What writing projects are you working on?


About A.M. Harte

A.M. Harte writes twisted speculative fiction, such as the post-apocalyptic Above Ground and the zombie love anthology Hungry For You. She is excellent at missing deadlines, has long forgotten what ‘free time’ means, and is utterly addicted to chocolate.
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37 Responses to my favourite: a to do list

  1. Nancy says:

    Hey, your list is longer than mine! In part that’s because of my new freelance marketing gig. Anyhoo…

    Strange Little Band sci-fi/romance serial editing
    Untitled Boston ghost story paranormal/humor novel planning

  2. Sora says:

    I was just about to write a list about what I need to do too. I need to make own list but so far…

    It’s All Relative- fantasy-first draft
    Infinite Alice- fantasy-outline
    Against Giants- historical fiction-revise

    I need to finish finals before I work on this though, but now that’s it’s in a list, I feel like I need to do it now.

    Speaking of lists, I need to go food shopping….

    • a.m.harte says:

      Yeah making the list always helps towards actually getting things done, I find….

      What are those other things you’re working on? Short stories? Novellas?

      You just made me realize I forgot to put on Chapter 22 of Above Ground on the list. Oops.

      • Sora says:

        Whoops. Um… IAR is a novel, Infinite Alice was going to be a serial, but my outline wasn’t the serial style, so that’s a novella now. Against Giants-short story and Ms. Desena is also a short story.

  3. MCM says:

    I am working on:
    – Chaos Book (curses!) / silly / 99% done
    – Secret project #1 / comedy / outline
    – Cookies for Christmas podcast / kid story / editing
    – New websites / PHP :) / 50%
    – Secret project #2 / dark drama / outline
    – Secret project #3 / paranormal / planning
    – Secret project #4 / action-thriller / planning
    – Secret project #5 / romance / outline-drafting
    [FAKE EDIT] – Post video of self dancing on youtube [/EDIT]

    Phew! That’s a lot of secretions right there.

  4. Merrilee says:

    A list is a list! Good on you, work hard at those stories.

    (And keep an eye on that MCM fellow.)

    • mrandrews says:

      Why do I always feel like the most suspicious one in the room?

      • a.m.harte says:

        a) you have a to-do list which says you need to make a video of yourself dancing
        b) you’re signing off as “mr andrews”
        c) you actually are the most suspicious person

        • mrandrews says:

          a) there’s nothing wrong with dancing on youtube.
          b) I don’t even know why I’m MrAndrews here. Did I ever tell you where that came from? It’s a funny story. Years ago when Dustrunners first came around, there was this loon on the web (but a nice loon) who wrote on some messageboard that he thought Kana Choi was hot. I thought it was too funny to ignore, so I wrote him into the story as an agent (as in Typhoon). A few years later, I had totally forgotten the origin of the name, so I started using it myself on various sites (like this one, I suppose). And then I wrote Mr Andrews back into the Dustrunners world. Now all we need is for someone to write that they think Rook is hot, and it’ll almost be full circle. Or something.
          c) touche

  5. Jan Oda says:

    I have been waiting for that ROMANCE story for ages. But now I think I’m waiting with even more excitement for MCM dancing on youtube. Wear the fancy blue hat and go Full Monty on us :p

    • mrandrews says:

      The romance story is the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Except it’s really actually coming. I’m just uncertain that my readership is interested in a romantic theme… :|

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