the 2010 100+ reading challenge

Following my top 10 to-read list post, I stumbled across the 2010 100+ Reading Challenge over on J. Kaye’s Book Blog.

The goal is straight-forward: read 100 books in one year. I doubt I’ll make my way through 100 books, but there’s nothing like a challenge to motivate me into reading more than I would have done, otherwise. And while I’m at it, I may as well support the “underdogs” and read as many free online novels as I can (and, time permitting, review them)!

I will be adding to this post as the year goes on with books I have read.



Re-reads are in italics.
Hyperlinked titles are freely available online.
Links on dates lead to my review.

# Title Author Genre Read
1. Xander and the Wind MCM Children’s Jan 01
2. The App MCM Thriller Jan 02
3. The Crow Who Could Fly MCM Children’s Jan 02
4. Camelot’s Blood Sarah Zettel Fantasy/Romance Jan 05
5. Haunting Sins Zoe E. Whitten Horror Jan 07
6. American Gods Neil Gaiman Fantasy Jan 10
7. Far From the
Madding Crowd
Thomas Hardy Classic Jan 24
8. The Man With the
Improbable Leg
Andy Fanton
Adult Humour/
Jan 25
9. The God Eaters Jesse Hajicek Fantasy Jan 25
10. Scary Mary S. A. Hunter YA Horror Jan 30
11. Autumn Journal Louis MacNeice Poetry Feb 2
12. A Gentle Creature
& other stories
Fyodor Dostoevsky Literary Feb 11
13. Neverwhere Neil Gaiman Fantasy Feb 17
14. Ella Enchanted Gail Carson Levine Fantasy Feb 20
15. Celtic Fairytales Neil Philip Children’s Feb 23
16. A Brief History of Time Stephen Hawking Non-fiction Feb 25
17. Marley & Me John Grogan Memoir Feb 27
18. Ablution: Notes for a novel Patrick deWitt Contemp Mar 4
19. Wake up with the Kimellians Zoe E. Whitten Dark Sci Fi Mar 5
20. The Postmistress Sarah Blake Historical Mar 9
21. Triple Threat Jennifer LaBrecque Romance Mar 14
22. Silent in the Grave Deanna Raybourn Mystery Mar 15
23. The Sun Also Rises Hemmingway Classic Mar 17
24. The Player Rhonda Nelson Romance Mar 17
25. The Rake’s Unconventional
Juliet Landon Romance Mar 17
26. This Perfect Day Ira Levin Science Fiction Mar 19
27. The Billionaire’s Baby
Day Leclaire Romance Mar 19
28. Mistress: Hired for the
Billionaire’s Pleasure
India Grey Romance Mar 20
29. The Midwife’s Little
Fiona McArthur Romance Mar 20
30. How Not to Write a Novel Howard Mittelmark
& Sandra Newman
Non-fiction Mar 26
31. Heart of Darkness Joseph Conrad Classic Apr 01
32. Bestsellers John Sutherland Non-fiction Apr 09
33. A Clockwork Orange Anthony Burgess Classics Apr 13
34. The Trial Franz Kafka Classics Apr 19
35. Sons and Lovers D.H. Lawrence Classics Apr 28
36. Of This Time, Of That
Place & other stories
Lionel Trilling Contemp May 4
37. City of Bones Cassandra Clare Fantasy May 7
38. SuperMegaNet 1 Jesse Gordon Sci-fi/Humour May 8
39. SuperMegaNet 2 Jesse Gordon Sci-fi/Humour May 8
40. Tamsin Peter S Beagle YA Fantasy May 13
41. The Postmistress Sarah Blake Historical May 27
42. How to Disappear Completely David Bowick Comedy June 3
43. The Third Twin Ken Follett Mystery June 4
44. Colter’s Wife Maya Banks Romance June 5
45. Kept Zoe Winters Romance June 5
46. Crux Moira Roberts Romance June 6
47. Overheard Maya Banks Romance June 6
48. Claimed Zoe Winters Romance June 7
49. Mated Zoe Winters Romance June 7
50. City of Lists Brigid Rose Science fiction June 10
51. The 27th Day John Mantley Science fiction June 18
52. Space, Time and Nathaniel Brian Aldiss Science fiction June 21
53. A Single Man Christopher Isherwood Classic June 24
54. The Sole Survivors’ Club Zoe E. Whitten Fantasy July 3
55. TimeSplash Graham Storrs Science fiction July 4
56. Cat’s Eye Margaret Atwood Contemporary July 13
57. Dead in the Family Charlaine Harris Fantasy July 15
58. Perfume Patrick Suskind Historical July 21
59. Tease Me Tracy Wolff Romance July 24
60. A Foreign Education Craig Alan Williamson Comedy July 24
61. The Historian Elizabeth Kostova Historical fantasy Aug 6
62. Fated Ends G. L. Drummond Fantasy Aug 6
63. Deadlands Hunt G. L. Drummond Fantasy Romance Aug 9
64. City of Ashes Cassandra Clare Fantasy Aug 16
65. Rift G. L. Drummond Fantasy Aug 16
66. Dark Cravings G. L. Drummond Fantasy Aug 16
67. Vampyre Kisses Elizabeth J. Kolodziej Fantasy Aug 17
68. Heir to Sevenwaters Juliet Marillier Fantasy Aug 17
69. The Dress Lodger Sheri Holman Historical Aug 26
70. Podkayne of Mars Robert Heinlein Science Fiction Aug 27
71. The Contract Bride G.L. Drummond Romance Aug 27
72. Hush Money Susan Bischoff YA Fantasy Aug 30
73. Her Dark Angel Felicity Heaton Romance Sept 1
74. Nightfall (The Return) L. J. Smith Fantasy Sept 4
75. Shadow Souls (The Return 2) L. J. Smith Fantasy Sept 5
76. The Book Thief Markus Zusak Historical Sept 8
77. Anda’s Game Cory Doctorow Scifi Sept 15
78. Lovers and Beloveds MeiLin Miranda Fantasy Sept 28
79. Other Sides Many Speculative Sept 30
80. Fire Burn & Cauldron Bubble HP Mallory Romance Oct 1
81. Musicophilia Oliver Sacks Non-fiction Oct 4
82. Games at Twilight Anita Desai Fiction Oct 7
83. To Kill A Warlock HP Mallory Urban Fantasy Oct 7
84. Blackwreath M. Jones Historical Thriller Oct 7
85. City of Glass Cassandra Clare YA Fantasy Oct 9
86. Her Vampire Husband Michele Hauf Romance Oct 10
87. Freakonomics Levitt & Dubner Nonfiction Oct 14
88. No Rest for the Wicca Toni LoTempio Paranormal Thriller Oct 16
89. Arkady & Kain MCM Thriller Oct 23
90. Northern Lights Philip Pullman Fantasy Oct 28
91. Nine Rules to Break When Romancing A Rake Sarah MacLean Romance Oct 31
92. The Ghost Hunter Lori Brighton Romance Nov 2
93. The Initiation of Ms Holly KD Grace Romance Nov 3
94. Lady Chatterley’s Lover DH Lawrence Classics Nov 6
95. Wicked Rake Defiant Mistress Ann Lethbridge Romance Nov 7
96. Lazarus Lori Titus Horror Nov 7
97. Forsaken By Shadow Kait Nolan Urban fantasy Nov 7
98. Bought: Destitute Yet Defiant Sarah Morgan Romance Nov 9
99. Exposed: Misbehaving with the Magnate Kelly Hunter Romance Nov 13
100. Typhoon MCM SciFi Nov 15
101. Wedding at King’s Convenience Maureen Child Romance Nov 15
102. The Miracle Inspector Helen Smith SciFi Nov 18
103. Mia’s Scandal Michelle Reid Romance Nov 20
104. Cody Kimberly Raye Romance Nov 20
105. Smoke & Mirrors Neil Gaiman Spec fic Nov 30
106. A Gentle Creature & other stories Fyodor Dostoevsky Literary Dec ?
107. Clockwork Angel Cassandra Clare Urban fantasy Dec 10
108. The Shadow of the Wind Carlos Ruiz Zafon Contemp Dec 13
109. The Angel’s Game Carlos Ruiz Zafon Contemp Dec 17
110. Frankie & Formaldehyde M. Jones Horror Dec 18
111. Harry Potter 7 J.K. Rowling Urban fantasy Dec 23
112. Vampire for Christmas Felicity Heaton Romance Dec 23
113. Day of Sacrifice Stacey Wallace Benefiel Fantasy Dec 25
114. Devil’s Eye Kait Nolan Fantasy Dec 25
115. The Mind Readers Lori Brighton Fantasy Dec 25
116. Her Warrior Angel Felicity Heaton Romance Dec 27
117. After the Fall: Good Intentions GL Drummond Fantasy Dec 27
118. The Harkfell Chronicles GL Drummond Fantasy Dec 29
119. After the Fall: By Chance GL Drummond Fantasy Dec 29

About A.M. Harte

A.M. Harte writes twisted speculative fiction, such as the post-apocalyptic Above Ground and the zombie love anthology Hungry For You. She is excellent at missing deadlines, has long forgotten what ‘free time’ means, and is utterly addicted to chocolate.
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18 Responses to the 2010 100+ reading challenge

  1. Sora says:

    I tried to do 50 this year. I got up to 30, so I’m just tacking on the ones I didn’t finish this year for next year. I don’t know I have time to do 100 though. We’ll see.

  2. Elle says:

    100 books – you can do it! {^_^}

  3. Check out The God Eaters — it’s on WFG.

  4. Also, The Metamorphosis of Prime Intellect.

  5. Dan Holloway says:

    I hope the novels from all our Year Zero Writers would be suitable – high quality contemporary literary fiction:

    Songs fromthe Other Side of the Wall

    Glimpses of a Floating World

    Benny Platonov

    Black Laces

    Have fun. My wife’s trying the 100 books thing next year. I’m hoping to get to 50.

    • a.m.harte says:

      50 would probably be a more reasonable target, but aiming high never hurt anyone! You reminded me that Songs is already on my to-read list! Shall head on over and check out the others. ;-)

  6. J. Kaye says:

    Welcome to the 100+ Reading Challenge! I am thrilled you joined. 2010 is going to be such a fantastic year. I can just feel it!

  7. Jan Oda says:

    I’m joining in soon with this :p
    I’m pretty sure I’ll make it, though my love for rereading may screw me over.

  8. peekaybee says:

    Ooh Im definately going to try to do this! Ive read 3 already lol, whoop!

  9. Pingback: review: haunting sins by zoe e. whitten « quillsandzebras

  10. zoewinters says:

    Thanks for reading Kept and linking back to it! I hope you liked it. I do a 50 book challenge every year. I read SLOW.

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