café wednesday: end of year round-up

Last week’s #WebFicWed mentions:
Ember, Brave Men Run, The Peacock King, Scryer’s Gulch, An Intimate History of the Greater Kingdom, 314 Crescent Manor, Strange Little Band, Nona Umbra, & a special preview of The Halo!

This is the first Wednesday since September 9th that I don’t have an interview ready for your perusal. Give me a break: I deserve a holiday, too, don’t I?

Can you believe that it was back in September that I posted the first Café Wednesday, ever? That’s 16 weeks of interrupted interviews. It seems that commitment isn’t as much of an issue for me as I thought it was.

And, fingers crossed, my track record of uninterrupted weekly interviews will continue well into 2010, although I am going to tease you a little by letting you know that some changes are afoot.

I won’t tell you what, though. For that, you’re going to have to wait!

In the meanwhile, I figured I’d post a little round-up of what’s been going down at the Caf in the last 16 weeks.


The first interviewee ever was Lyn Thorne-Alder, author of Addergoole, who spoke about her creative process and why she chose to serialize. I was still finding my feet at interviewing, then, and was incredibly nervous about it all, so special thanks to Lyn for being so patient with me.

On the heels of Lyn, came an interview with Nancy Brauer and Vanessa Brooks, co-authors of Strange Little Band, only to find out that they’ve been deliberately toning down the sex scenes. Shame on you! Give it to us raw!

Since one double-act wasn’t enough, I had to interview Irk and Char next, and in the process learnt far more about The Peacock King than I ever thought possible. Also, the interview inspired me for an Irk/Char halloween cameo involving a two-headed monster. Oops?

Then I interviewed MCM and it all went downhill from there. The man is crazy, I tell you! Plus, his middle name is Christopher. Just saying.

To recover from that, I managed to get Seth Gray to join us and chat about dead boyfriends (of the blood-sucking, not brain-eating type).

Then along came Mary Isa K, breaking all the norms with Split-Self by hosting it on the fan-focused

The only way to up the ante was to get Frances Gonzalez on the caf to tell us about running two serials.

Of course, upping the ante is all relative, just like the serial being written by Najela Cobb, the Week 8 interviewee. Interviewing Najela was what gave me the idea for the December specials.

Marking the beginning of three months of interviews was Miladysa, author of Refuge of Delayed Souls, whose true family history is more spooky than fiction.

To bring some aliens into the mix, I spoke to Sharon T. Rose, whose writing is all under the umbrella brand Lily Fields Entertainment.

Then I realized I hadn’t interviewed the person who got me into writing webfiction: MeiLin Miranda, not only a great author but the mastermind behind Digital Novelists, too.

V. J. Chambers was next, dare I say the first and only YA author at the caf?

By now we were into December, a month I had set aside for interviewing non-authors. I kicked things off by pestering Jan Oda, founder of Ergofiction, and diehard supporter of webfiction.

Then I decided to take a look at the more long-standing webfiction sites, by interviewing Chris and Rose, founders of webfiction directory Muse’s Success, and following it up next week with an interview with a different Chris – Chris Poirier – who’s the genius behind Web Fiction Guide.

Moving back to new(er) sites, Merrilee Faber was my last guest of the year, and spoke about the new e-Fiction Book Club site and her opinions on the community.

Then I wrote this blog post. That is all.


So, my plans for the future?

Interview authors from a wider variety of genres, for one. And interview more than just authors. There are so many people involved in the webfiction world, and if I can in any way shine a light on those doing a good job, then I want to do it.

I guess the only way to end this blog is by thanking everyone.

Thank you to the interviewees, for allowing me to have an insight into your mind, and letting me share that insight with others.

And thank you to you, dear reader, for making all of this worth doing.

Happy New Year, and stay gold.

Café Wednesday will resume January 13th, 2010.

EDIT – Want to read all the interviews? Download them for free at SmashWords.


About A.M. Harte

A.M. Harte writes twisted speculative fiction, such as the post-apocalyptic Above Ground and the zombie love anthology Hungry For You. She is excellent at missing deadlines, has long forgotten what ‘free time’ means, and is utterly addicted to chocolate.
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5 Responses to café wednesday: end of year round-up

  1. Najela says:

    I’m glad I got a chance to help with the madness. =)

  2. Happy New Year! Glad to have gotten in at the beginning!


  3. Merrilee says:

    Thanks Anna, an impressive list of interviews there! Look forward to the new year changes.

  4. Ace says:

    Excellent recap of the interviews. There were a few I missed so I’ll be going back to read those.

    It’s fun getting insights into how some of my fellow writers work.

    Can’t wait to see what the new changes will be.

  5. Miladysa says:

    Thank you for all those fantastic interviews and for including me amongst them.

    I have really enjoyed getting to know you (and the fellow authors you have showcased) this past year and I am looking forward to what you will share with us in 2010!

    Plus – it would appear I am no longer banned from wordpress sites :) Hooray!

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