café wednesday: e-fiction magazines

Last week’s #WebFicWed mention: 314 Crescent Manor

It is sometimes said that every person has at least one book in them, but how many magazines does it take to make a book?

You didn’t think I could really go a Wednesday without posting something, right? And while I did say there wouldn’t be an interview, that doesn’t mean I can’t chat about something else!

But first, just to follow up on my previous round-up post, I compiled all the interviews into an ebook and added teensy introductions to each interviewee. You can download the PDF over at Smashwords for free.

In more current news:

Previous Café Wednesday posts focused a lot more on longer-length fiction, particularly serials. But there is also a huge amount of short stories available to read online, and some digging on my part has revealed quite a lot of interesting genre-focused ezines.

These aren’t necessarily the classic crowdfunded online fiction projects, but they’re pretty cool for readers, and fellow writers might be interested to submit to these guys.

What got me digging into this subject was The Random Eye, a speculative fiction magazine run by M. Jones (@pinkbagels on twitter), whose online serial – rather coincidentally – is the only #WebFicWed mention from last week.

Then Zoe E. Whitten linked me to The New Bedlam (horror, dark fantasy, steampunk et al) and I was doomed to begin googling away.

I digged around a little further and found the following (in no particular order):

AlienSkin Magazine, a sci-fi, fantasy and horror magazine that “endeavors to offer a mix of free, online SFFH stories, articles on genre writing, contests, and Blogs designed to help those interested in these genres.”

OG’s Speculative Fiction – what it says on the tin! The artwork looks cool. It’s at it’s 19th issue.

Was Ray Gun Revival was apparently voted site of the week by back in 2007. Loads of issues up, although it seems more science-fiction heavy than would interest me.

Fantasy-focused Lorelei Signal likes strong female characters (which I like to write, coincidentally!) Four issues have been posted so far. Not fond of the website design, but the fiction itself looks good.

Another speculative fiction magazine with a quirky website is Chaos Theory: Tales Askew.

The very professional-looking Golden Visions who are running a short story competition on the theme ‘alien encounters’ – I’ve listed it on my long list of short story competitions.

There’s also The Fifth Di, who have a 1990s website layout that’s a little tiring on the eye.

What other ezines are you guys aware of?

Do you read or subscribe to them, or do you prefer following individual authors?


About A.M. Harte

A.M. Harte writes twisted speculative fiction, such as the post-apocalyptic Above Ground and the zombie love anthology Hungry For You. She is excellent at missing deadlines, has long forgotten what ‘free time’ means, and is utterly addicted to chocolate.
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  1. Editor says:

    I am the editor of eFiction Magazine. We publish all genres of fiction digitally every month. Every three months we accrue the best of the those three issues into a distributed physical magazine.

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