Werewolves in the Alaskan Wilderness

I realize I have been on a bit of a G. L. Drummond binge lately, but is it my fault that she writes short and addictive supernatural novellas?

Moon Children: Dark Cravings by G.L. Drummond

At 20,000 words, this entertaining dark fantasy romance novella is solid popcorn reading for those seeking a quick fix.

In a world were female werewolves are rare, Chelsea is a coveted prize, forced to hide from others of her kind who simply want to mate with her. She builds a life amongst humans in isolated Alaska, but the arrival of a male werewolf — and the return of her primal mating instincts — may destroy her first good relationship. Yet a far more dangerous enemy is lurking out in the snow….

Amidst the ongoing literary vampire-frenzy, Dark Cravings is a breath of fresh air. G.L. Drummond loves her werewolves and makes them the sexy good guys (as in her ebook Deadlands Hunt). And, thankfully, these werewolves do not sparkle, nor are they vegetarian. They kick some ass!

But there is depth to this novella as well. Other than the vampire/werewolf conflict, Chelsea faces serious relationship difficulties, torn between her ongoing sweet relationship with the human Will, and the new primal relationship with werewolf Rance. And, dear romance lovers, there’s some fun steam in this love triangle!

Perhaps my only nitpick is that by keeping this a novella, we are only able to skim the very surface of what is no doubt a fascinating world. There is much potential for expansion in this novella, particularly considering the potential conflicts which are mentioned but never occur (e.g. Chelsea’s old pack coming to hunt her down). I assume these may be covered in Moon Children sequels, but I’ll admit to being a little disappointed by the limited focus of this story.

Actually, I think this small complaint of mine applies more broadly: having now read a wide range of Drummond’s work, I am beginning to feel that she is a tease, forever offering me tantalizing glimpses into vivid supernatural worlds, but never letting me sink fully into them. Consider it a back-handed compliment of sorts — the fact that she continually creates places I want to explore is testament to her world-building talent. If only she would build up some meaty novel-length plots to go along with them!

In sum: if you love werewolves, love romance, and are looking for a quick fix, this is the book for you.

This book is one of my 100+ Reading Challenge!


About A.M. Harte

A.M. Harte writes twisted speculative fiction, such as the post-apocalyptic Above Ground and the zombie love anthology Hungry For You. She is excellent at missing deadlines, has long forgotten what ‘free time’ means, and is utterly addicted to chocolate.
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5 Responses to Werewolves in the Alaskan Wilderness

  1. Licorice Lain says:

    Don’t worry about binging, girl. You can binge all you want! :3

  2. Scath says:


    I’d say I’m sorry for teasing, but what actually happens is that I intend to write a single story, the characters tell me there’s more to be told and single stories morph into series ideas.

    Writing series is hard work when you’ve got a dash of ADD going on. Reader encouragement helps the series to actually come about (which means you’re helping me! Thanks!).

    I do have a sequel in the works for this one, called ‘Dark Dawn’. Yes, Chelsea’s pack comes back.

    In fact, here’s an unedited excerpt to whet your taste buds and let me live up to that ‘tease’ label! =)


    I took it easy, walking on the hard packed snow of the road and enjoying the bright sunlight while thinking about my life. Happiness flared; I danced in a circle, arms flung wide and head turned to the sky. Will had given me emotional security; Rance gave me physical security. I had everything – and more than – I’d ever wished for. Smiling, I started for town again, laughing silently at myself for the moment of childish exuberance.

    The noise of a distant engine sent me off to the side of the road. Sounds carried a long way out here and there was plenty of space for both a vehicle and a walker; moving off meant not being spattered with snow as it went by. When it had drawn nearer, I glanced curiously at it, but didn’t recognize the crew cab truck as belonging to anyone local. Derris did see a few tourists from time to time, though I wasn’t sure why. We didn’t have much to offer but snowfields.

    The truck was twenty yards away when the awareness of a Moon Child filled my senses. Turning, I wondered why Rance would be riding with a stranger while it began slowing to a halt. The sunlight sparked off the front windshield, preventing me from having a view of the interior. Once it halted, all four doors opened and my world shattered as the men inside stepped out.

    “Hello, Chelsea. It’s time to come home,” Malachi told me, a satisfied smile on his face.

    Shocked, it was only the sudden surge of terror that prodded me into motion. Spinning, I began running for town. If I could reach town, Rance would be there. He’d sworn he wouldn’t let them take me; not from him, nor from Will. I had to reach him.

    The snow and my panic worked in tandem to slow me. I went sprawling face down as a heavy body slammed into me; Caleb’s scent filled my lungs as he flung me over. Panting, he mashed his mouth to mine, counting on the craving to subdue me.

    I wasn’t sure who was more surprised when it didn’t work; him or me. The craving, which I felt constantly around Rance, and had once felt constantly around them, failed to surface at Caleb’s taste or touch. I continued fighting, snapping my teeth closed on his tongue when he forced it into my mouth, tasting blood as he yelped in pain.

    He was flung aside and I scrambled, trying to regain my feet in an effort to run again. A fist struck the side of my head and I fell before I was half way up, dazed and blinking. Malachi bent, grabbing hold of me, then heaved me to his shoulder.

    “She bit me!” Caleb cuffed my ear. “You bit me, you little bitch.”

    “Enough. We need to get her into the truck before someone comes along,” Malachi ordered. Hearing the words, I went wild; striking out with both hands at Caleb as talons erupted from my fingers. I kicked out at the same time, back arching, hoping to force Malachi into dropping me.

    Once in the truck, I’d be at their mercy – and I knew they had none.

    “Chelsea, don’t make me hurt you,” Malachi growled, pinning my legs to his chest by throwing an arm around them just above my knees.

    “She needs to be punished,” Caleb snarled as I levered myself up, talons shredding the parka covering Malachi’s back. The last thing I saw was his fist speeding towards my face.

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