Interview: Vampyre Kisses

Vampyre Kisses is an urban fantasy set in New York in which Faith discovers not only that vampires exist, but that she is a witch. But her discoveries are accompanied by newfound dangers….

As I mentioned earlier, QAZ is part of the Vampyre Kisses blog tour, so today I’d like to welcome author Elizabeth Kolodziej (right) along with her character Faith, a protagonist in VK.

Tell us a little bit about yourself — who are you, and more importantly, what are you?

Faith: :giggle: … I like that question, what are you? My name is Faith, and I am a witch. Feels a little weird to say out loud, but it is true. It runs in the genes on my father’s side. But only females in our line can become witches so he was happy to have me.

Your life was turned upside-down recently. What difficulties have you overcome, and how have they affected you?

Faith: Yes, this is true. I think a lot of the difficulties came from learning so many secrets about my family. I kind of felt betrayed and it is still taking me lots of understanding to overcome the feeling. Because of all of these secrets and the events with the stolen gems, I have found my trust has been weakened.

Sometimes I wonder if people just want to use me or if they really like being around me. It is something that is always going to be in the back of my mind. In a way it is a good thing though because it will keep me on my toes.

Besides that, I think memorizing herbs, gem stones, figuring out the difference between sea salt and regular salt are some of my other difficulties right now. There is so much to learn and memorize. I feel like I am in school again! :smile:

What is the strangest fact you’ve learned since discovering the supernatural world?

Faith: :thinks for a moment: I don’t know if it’s strange… but finding out what happens to a vampire after they die is a little different than what I thought would happen. They actually shadow a person who is related to an ancestor who they had killed. In a way they can connect and help this person. If they do they have a better chance of being reborn as a human again.

Who is sexier, vampire Trent or werewolf Zou Tai?

Faith: :laughing: I have to go with Trent on this one. There is just something in those green eyes of his that is so alluring and sometimes provocative.

What dangerous adventures do you expect to face in the future?

Faith: It has only been a couple of months since we got back from Ireland. Right now I am trying to get my life in better order. I have heard that there have been some odd werewolf killings happening though. It is something that Zou Tai is extremely upset about and I plan to help him find out why it is happening.

You can buy the book from:
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