ABC Indie Fiction Challenge Reading Suggestions

ABC Indie Fiction Challenge 2011Want to know more about the ABC Indie Fiction Challenge is? Read the introductory page and sign up!

The aim of this reading challenge is to read 24 indie fiction tales in 2011. Each story must be written by a different author, and the first letters of the authors’ surnames must make up the entire alphabet. It is not necessary to read in alphabetical order.

But where to begin? To help the participants, I have decided to compile a suggested reading list of indie authors — and if you can help me find suggestions for the gaps in the alphabet, all the better!

If there are some letters we cannot find authors for, I suggest we try find an author with the letter in question somewhere in their name, thus keeping the total number of indie reads at 24.


– A –

Allison, Wesley — His Robot Girlfriend
Andrews, Drew — Shepherd’s Journal

– A –

Argyle, Michelle Davidson — Cinders

– B –

Baum, Henry — American Book of the Dead
Bezancon, Alain — The Tear Thief
Bowick, David — How to Disappear Completely
Brauer, Nancy — Strange Little Band
Burkinshaw, Robin — Alice and Kev

– B –

Ball, Cliff — multiple titles
Batchelder, Dennis — Soul Identity
Benefiel, S.W. — multiple titles
Bischoff, Susan — Hush Money
Brighton, Lori — The Mind Readers

– C –

Chambers, V.J. — Breathless
Coyne, Letitia — Britannia

– C –

Cathcart, Sharon E — In The Eye of the Beholder
Clem, Bill — Microbe
Crabtree, Neil — The Big Kaboom

– D –

Drummond, G.L. — multiple titles

– D –

Davis, Amy Rose — Silver Thaw

– E –

Edmonds, Melanie — Starwalker
Evans, Jon — Beasts of New York

– E –

Elliott, Lauralynn — multiple titles
Eno, Laura — multiple titles
Evans, L.C. — multiple titles

– F –

Fanton, Andrew — Lord Likely

– F –

Field, Karen Lee — multiple titles
Francisco, Ruth — multiple titles
Frost, Z Constance — No Shelter

– G –

Gonzalez, Frances — The Lighthouse Chronicles
Gordon, Jan — Black Silk
Graves, Greg X. — Codex Nekromantia

– G –

Guess, Joshua — Living With the Dead
Gottfried, Susan Helene — Trevor’s Song

– H –

Hogarth, M.C.A. — Spots the Space Marine
Holloway, Dan — Skin Book

– H –

Haines, Joseph Paul — Ten With a Flag and Other Playthings
Hanel, Jerry — Death Has A Name
Harte, A.M. — Hungry For You
Hayes-Kossmann, Christopher — Past the Borders
Heaton, Felicity — multiple titles
Hocking, Amanda — My Blood Approves
Hodge, Sibel — multiple titles
Holloway, Dan — multiple titles

– I –

Isa — The Freelancers

– I –

– J –

Jaeger, Dead Too, Rights
Jones, M. — 314 Crescent Manor

– J –

Jeffrey, Shaun — Dead Man’s Eye
Judd, Dawn — multiple titles

– K –

Kashii — Sun-kissed
King, J Timothy — From the Ashes of Courage

– K –

Keefe, Paul Mansfield — Digger’s Bones
Konrath, J.A. — multiple titles
Kroese, Robert — Mercury Falls

– L –

Lowe, L. Lee — Corvus

– L –

Larsen, Patti — Curiosities, Inc.
Lewis, Joseph Robert — Heirs of Mars
LoTempio, Toni — No Rest for the Wicca
Lummis, David — Coffee Shop Chronicles

– M –

Manley, Kip — City of Roses
Maxwell, Adam — multiple titles
McDermott, Grace — Mirrorfall
MCM — so much to choose from!
Miranda, MeiLin — An Intimate History of the Greater Kingdom
Miladysa — Refuge of Delayed Souls
Moore, Tonya R. — multiple titles
Murphy, D.P. — Sullivan’s Travels

– M –

Mallory, H.P. — multiple titles

– N –

– N –

Nolan, Kait — Forsaken By Shadow
Nowack, Melanie — Almost Human series

– O –

– O –

O’Leary, Susanne — multiple titles

– P –

Perry, S.K.S. — Darkside
Phillips, Vixen — Narcissism
Pillsbury, Darren — Peter and the Vampires
Puncher, Gupter — Benny Platonov

– P –

Pixelnyx — The Komatsu Wombat and the Fantastical Anti-Climax
Pearson, John — Learn Me Good

– Q –

– Q –

– R –

Raiser, Kimberly — The Family Bones
Rima — The Noble Pirates

– R –

Ragan, Theresa — multiple titles
Ribken, Annetta — Not Nice and Other Understatements
Riso, J.D. — Blue

– S –

Simmons, Amber — All’s Fair in Love & War
Sparks, Miranda — Shimmer
Suleski, Sarah R. — Alisiyad

– S –

Schreyer, Susan — Death by a Dark Horse
Scott, Amber — Irish Moon
Scott, Jess C — Eyeleash
Silkstone, Barbara — The Secret Diary of Alice in Wonderland
Shipp, Jeremy C. — multiple titles
Sirois, George H. — <a href="

– T –

Tan, Cecilia — Daron’s Guitar Chronicles
Thorne-Alder, Lyn — Addergoole
Thater, Glenn — The Gateway
Titus, Lori — The Marradith Ryder Series

– T –

Tualla, Kris — A Matter of Principle

– U –

– U –

– V –

– V –

– W –

Whitten, Zoe — any of her free titles
Williams, G. S. — The Surprising Life and Death of Diggory Franklin
Williams, Roger — The Metamorphosis of Prime Intellect
Wise, Tama — Agents Provocateurs

-W –

Wendig, Chuck — Irregular Creatures
West, CJ — Sin & Vengeance

– X –

– X –

– Y –

– Y –

Yarbrough, Shannon — Are You Sitting Down?

– Z –

Zoetewey, Jim — Legion of Nothing

– Z –

For more ideas and suggestions, check out Kindleboard’s master list of authors.

What other authors should be on the list, and why should an ABC Indie Fiction Challenge participant read their work? Feel free to suggest authors even if there is already another author with the same surname listed.


About A.M. Harte

A.M. Harte writes twisted speculative fiction, such as the post-apocalyptic Above Ground and the zombie love anthology Hungry For You. She is excellent at missing deadlines, has long forgotten what ‘free time’ means, and is utterly addicted to chocolate.
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28 Responses to ABC Indie Fiction Challenge Reading Suggestions

  1. Cecilia Tan says:

    Woo! Thanks for the shout-out! I’ll pass the link along so more can join the challenge.

    (One wee thing, you’ve got my name wrong, though. It’s Cecilia, not Celia. Same letters represented though…!)

  2. If appropriate, I would like to add my own thriller, Digger’s Bones, to the list.

  3. Tim King says:

    Hi, Anna. This is a wonderful idea! I hope you’ll consider adding one of my novels, From the Ashes of Courage to the list, available in both paid (paperback/ebook) and free (online library) versions.

    I can also personally recommend In the Eye of the Beholder by Sharon E. Cathcart, A Demon Awaits by C.J. West, EyeLeash: A Blog Novel by Jess C. Scott.

    (There are also other titles I enjoyed less, but which others enjoyed. As well as a number of other titles that I haven’t read yet. I’d be happy to send you my list.)


  4. Amber Scott says:

    What a seriously cool idea! I’m in.

  5. Sibel Hodge says:

    Hi, if it’s OK, I’d be grateful if you added mine to the list…

    Fourteen Days Later (Romantic Comedy)
    My Perfect Wedding (Romantic Comedy)
    The Fashion Police (Cozy Mystery)

    All available from Amazon and various other outlets.

    Many thanks!


  6. L.C. Evans says:

    This is great! I’m signing up. I read a lot and most of my reads are Indie authors. I was just going to suggest Sibel’s books, but I see they are going up. So I’d like to add mine, if that’s okay.

    We Interrupt This Date (southern chick lit)
    The Witness Wore Blood Bay (Leigh McRae horse mystery series, book 2)
    Talented Horsewoman (Leigh McRae horse mystery series, book 1)
    Night Camp (children’s book, vampires)

    Jobless Recovery (contemporary topics, satirical novel)

  7. D.M.Trink says:

    Hello–What a great idea! I’m an indie author who loves to read other indie authors.
    I recently finished Reining In by Dawn Judd.

    If you have room I’d love you to add mine:
    The Crimson-Eyed Dragon by D.M. Trink–a mystery/amateur detective story
    Wrapped in a Rainbow by Delyse Rodrigues-Trink – a sweet, contemporary romance


  8. Please add my book to your wonderful list:
    The Secret Diary of Alice in Wonderland, Age 42 and Three-Quarters

    Thank you!
    Barbara Silkstone

  9. Cliff Ball says:

    Hi, I’m an Indie author and now that I have a Kindle myself, I’m catching up reading other Indies, and I just finished Forbidden the Stars by Valmore Daniels.

    If it’s ok, I’d like my novels added to your list:

    The Usurper, a thriller
    Shattered Earth, science fiction

    Cliff Ball

  10. Steven Hawk says:

    You’re short on “M”. I would suggest Joe Mitchell’s Shard Mountain. And KC May, who has several titles.

    Also if you’re looking to add sci fi, my novel Peace Warrior fits the bill.

    Great idea this!


  11. I’ve just added coupon codes for my collection, “Ten With a Flag, and Other Playthings,” for anyone who’s reading for the challenge! The e-book version (all formats) can be obtained at for $1.99 using coupon code DM73L, and if you’d like the trade paperback, it’s now available for 50% off the cover price at using coupon code L3B85NJM.

    Thank you for listing my collection and hope you all enjoy!

    Joseph Paul Haines

    ” A new standout. . .”–Publishers Weekly Starred review.

    “Standout stories include “Ten With a Flag” by Joseph Paul Haines, “Of a Sweet Slow Dance in the Wake of Temporary Dogs” by Adam-Troy Castro, and “Caught in the Organ Draft” by Robert Silverberg, among others. ” –New York Journal of Books review of BRAVE NEW WORLDS:DYSTOPIAN STORIES, containing the title story from TEN WITH A FLAG AND OTHER PLAYTHINGS.

  12. E says:

    Hi ho,

    Please add Pixelnyx – “The Komatsu Wombat and the Fantastical Anti-Climax”. as a recommended read. It’s a favourite of mine.


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  14. Dawn Judd says:

    Fun idea. I hope you can get enough to fill in each letter!! I would love it if you would add mine to the list:

    Reining In
    Phantom Rising

  15. Hello, this is a great idea. I’m going to sign up to read 24 indie books this year. I would love to have my books added to your list. Thanks!

    A Knight in Central Park (Time Travel/Historical)
    Return of the Rose (Time Travel/Historical)
    Taming Mad Max (Romantic Comedy/Contemporary)

  16. I should obviously do a vanity search on my name more often. ;-> Thank you so much for including me in your indie challenge; I appreciate the opportunity.

  17. Greta Burroughs says:

    Could I be so bold as to ask you to include my book in your recommended reading list?
    Gerald and the Wee People

    There are a couple more you may want to consider

    Riders of the Wind by Robert F. DeBurgh
    Winds of Fate (second book in series)

    I would love to join in the challenge but the year is half way over and I would not be able to get in 24 books. Maybe next year?

    Thank you very much,

  18. I wish I’d found this earlier in the year, I would have participated. Have this bookmarked for future reference when I’m looking for more indie titles.

    A few suggestions to add to the list (hopefully will help with a few of your letters for those still working their way through):

    Dawes, Peter – Eyes of the Seer (kindle) (smashwords)
    Smyth, Jon – (print or PDF)
    Meyer, DL – Fellowship of Psys (print or PDF)
    Watson, Heather – The Drowned (print or PDF)

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