Indie Fiction Challenge: February Wrap Up

ABC Indie Fiction Challenge 2011 The aim of the challenge is to read 24 indie fiction works in 2011. Each must be by a different author, and every author’s surname must begin with a different letter, for a total of 24 out of 26 letters of the alphabet. Interested? Sign up here.

The second month of the challenge is over and I think many of us have hit a bit of a reading slump… or perhaps I’m simply projecting my own failure onto all of you! So thanks to Cassie and Sibel for keeping the reviews coming — let’s have a look and see what exciting new authors and stories they’ve discovered.


Evans, LC — The Witness Wore Blood Bay
New challenge participant Sibel reviewed this novel, saying, “LC Evans transports readers into the novel brilliantly with her vivid descriptions and great dialogue. I was hooked from the start . . . it’s fun, pacy, humorous, and a great little read. Fans of chicklit will really enjoy this.”


Harte, A.M. — Hungry For You
Tales of love and zombies. From Cassie’s review: “There is a lot to like in this collection . . . I love that it explores some new angles, and blends two things you might not think to bring together as the focus point for a collection: love and zombies. A really entertaining read.”
[SELF-PROMO MOMENT: A quick line to say if you’d like to win a free copy of my debut release, Hungry For You, there’s a giveaway on over at Black Sun Reviews!]


Lewis, Joseph Robert — Heirs of Mars
“The world building for this book is fabulous – I can really picture life on Mars as Lewis has imagined it,” says Cassie. “There are humans, clones, and androids. All sentient, all intelligent beings – but what makes someone a person? Where is the line? I love this question and stories which bring it up, and I enjoyed how Lewis dealt with it in his book . . . This is a great read. Fast, and gritty, and engaging and just plain fun (in a violent kind of way).”


Pierce, SL — The Hate
This bite-sized novella follows a mother set on revenge when her daughter’s killer gets away with murder. Disillisioned with the court system, she plans on bringing him her own brand of justice. “This was a gripping tale of revenge,” says Sibel. “It’s fast paced, well written, and had me hooked from page one. The bonus story is also a quick, thrilling read.”


Smith, Helen — Three Sisters
Depressed from her dog’s death, Emily thinks a Halloween party is just the thing to cheer her up… except this carnivalesque party is shrouded in mystery and murder. In her review, Sibel describes this tale as reminiscent of Thomas H Cook — “serious and slightly old fashioned with vivid and unusual descriptions”.


Zeltserman, Dave — Julius Katz
There are two Julius Katz mysteries together in this purchase and both were great reads,” says Sibel. “Julius is like a modern day Sherlock Homes, gathering clues that are withheld from the reader until the final revelation of who did what to whom. He has the help of a virtual assistant, Archie, who does the grunt work for him. I thought this was well written, intriguing, and will keep you guessing!

Non-reviewed indie titles read this month include:
Davis, Amy Rose — Silver Thaw [Read by Anna]

The rest of you challenge participants, drop me a line in the comments for what you’ve read and I’ll add it to the list!

Coming Up…

If you read 4 books so far this year, all you need to do to stay on track with the challenge is read 2 more this month. Remember that you don’t need to read in alphabetical order and are allowed to skip two letters of the alphabet. Check out the suggested reading list for ideas.

What are you thinking of reading this month?


About A.M. Harte

A.M. Harte writes twisted speculative fiction, such as the post-apocalyptic Above Ground and the zombie love anthology Hungry For You. She is excellent at missing deadlines, has long forgotten what ‘free time’ means, and is utterly addicted to chocolate.
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One Response to Indie Fiction Challenge: February Wrap Up

  1. Dan Holloway says:

    gosh, I was delighted and surprised to see myself on the recommended author list – thank you! I think SKIN BOOK may not be the best place to start of mine, though – Songs from the Other Side of the Wall might be more reader friendly?

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