Devil’s Eye by Kait Nolan — Urban Fantasy

Many thanks to the author for the review copy —
and my apologies to her for the long overdue review!

Devil’s Eye by Kait Nolan

Set in Kait Nolan’s Mirus universe, Devil’s Eye is a fast-paced urban fantasy detective novella which expands upon the intriguing world-building first seen in Forsaken By Shadow. This bite-sized tale is just long enough to whet your appetite and introduce some interesting new characters, but also works well as a stand-alone for those unfamiliar with Nolan’s work.

Trouble. That’s what wolf-shifter Mick thinks when a beautiful woman appears in his New Orleans bar with a hurricane at her back. His first impression is confirmed when Sophie starts asking questions about his missing waitress, Liza. Mick will do anything to rescue a member of the pack he’s made for himself, including forming an unlikely alliance with a woman with a badge.

The entire plot of Devil’s Eye takes place over a few scant, action-packed hours, in which Mick and Sophie team up despite their reservations in order to save a missing waitress. What follows is a fast-paced Indiana Jones-esque adventure through a cemetery and a mysterious crypt, escaping from bear shifters, zombies, and much, much worse.

As usual, Nolan writes kick ass characters. Sophie is a demi-goddess and a tough cop to boot; Mick (who had a cameo in Forsaken By Shadow) is a gruff werewolf who is very protective of his employees. While there is some building romantic tension between the two leads, their relationship is not the focus of Devil’s Eye, although I have to say the sparks between them do add a little extra tingle to the story, leaving you hungry for more.

To top it off, Nolan writes with great skill. Her prose is clean, simple, engaging and well-edited; she is a credit to the indie author community. On a side note, I think it was very clever of her to use the same cover composition as she did in Forsaken By Shadow, but if I compare the two I actually prefer the texture and blue detail in Devil’s Eye. (Not that you should judge by the cover….)

In sum, among the many urban fantasy novels being published, the Mirus universe stands out. If you’re a fan of the genre, you should be reading it.

Want to read Devil’s Eye? Check out Kait Nolan’s website for a full list of retailers — or you can even get it for free if you sign up for her newsletter!


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