Page 99: Her Fallen Angel by Felicity Heaton

Page 99 posts are small samples of indie books I’ve read but do not have time to review — I hope these tasters will inspire you to investigate these authors.

Her Fallen Angel by Felicity Heaton

Annelie falls for Lukas the minute he walks into her bar, but he has a secret that could tear them apart: he’s a fallen angel, cast out of Heaven for a sin he did not commit.

This is the second book in the Her Angel series (I previously reviewed the first book, Her Dark Angel). Each book in the series is stand-alone and may be read individually, as they cross over by character only.

The novella (33,000 words) is available for $2.99 from a number of e-retailers; for more details see Felicity Heaton’s website.

Excerpt from page 99:

* * * * *

Lukas shut the voice out, afraid that he would succumb to it and that the Devil would discover he was fallen.

It slithered around him, a treacherous snake that felt as though it was for his ears only. Lukas tried not to listen but it was impossible to resist the lure.

He could have vengeance.

No. Such an offer wouldn’t tempt him. The Devil would make good on his word but it wouldn’t satisfy Lukas. He wanted to prove his innocence, not seek out retribution.

He could have Annelie.


Lukas stopped, closed his eyes and clenched his fists, battling the temptation those words represented. He wanted that more than anything. He wanted Annelie to be his and to be with him forever. No. He didn’t need the Devil’s help in order to have that. He could have it and he was willing to sacrifice something to achieve it. Annelie was up there waiting for him to return. He couldn’t disappoint her by being so weak and listening to the Devil. He was strong because of her and he would no longer hear the Devil’s seductive words.

He wouldn’t surrender to temptation.

* * * * *

Intrigued? Learn more about Her Fallen Angel on the official website.


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