5 Minute Monday: John Trevillian

John Trevillian is a freelance writer and contributor for Microsoft, Future Publishing, and various other magazine and writing projects. A lover of medieval stories, world myths and faerie tales, he used these elements to create and design AEs, the award-winning interactive writing game which developed into over a million words of collaborative fiction. Among his many noteable achievements is being voted most negative IT journalist in 2000 in the Miller Freeman’s PR Audit guide to UK IT scribes entitled ‘Know Your Journalists’.

Describe yourself in one tweet (140 characters)

JT: John Trevillian is a UK author of punk-noir science fiction novels, freelance writer, editor, and trained Native American Shaman and Druid.

Tell us about The A-Men trilogy. What’s it about, and where did the idea come from?

JT: The A-Men trilogy was born from my love of hardboiled science fiction and mythic fantasy. The first novel began with a setting that was a crossroads for the two. I had also watched for too many noir movies and one in particular (Somewhere In The Night) sparked the idea of a man with no memory battling with three questions:

  • For what possible reason would you pay to have your memory erased?
  • How can you enact revenge on someone you cannot even remember meeting?
  • What would you do if you found out that your greatest enemy was yourself?

It also explores the tropes of humankind’s quest for immortality and the power of belief to achieve anything.

Fill in the blank: readers who hate ________ will love my book — and explain your choice.

JT: Readers who hate science fiction… I have found that a lot of readers coming to the book are not science fiction geeks, but instead people drawn to the concepts of a man living his life through his belief inf aerie tales. This is not your typical scifi story by a long shot.

Why did you choose the indie publishing route, and how have you found it thus far?

JT: While there was a definite audience and the novel picked up a lot of attention and accolades from peer-to-peer sites (one chapter was a nominated finalist in the 2009 YouWriteOn Book Awards) as soon as it got to publishers they were less enthusiastic. One famously said: “In my eighteen years in the publishing industry this is within the top 10% of stuff I’ve read; unfortunately this book will never be published…” The independent route has been as I expected: lots and lots of marketing, steady underwhelming sales.

What future projects can we expect from you?

JT: The last novel in the trilogy, Forever A-Men, is set for launch in March 2012, so am just finalising the cover and manuscript before sending the the publisher. Then hopefully I can decide on my next project, which may well be getting back to some short stories.

Buy John’s novels from trevillian.libsyn.com, or directly from Amazon. Start with The A Men (print or Kindle) and then move on to The A-Men Return (print or Kindle), before checking out his other titles, which include The Mortal And His God and Shadowmagick.


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