5 Minute Monday: GL Drummond

I’ve mentioned GL (Gayla) Drummond a LOT on this blog — including reviewing four of her titles. She describes herself as “a sword-toting alien with a fetish for fur and four-legged creatures who writes fiction and tweets.” Needless to say, she’s of the awesome sort. Let’s hear about her upcoming project!

Let’s start with something general: what is the best part about being a writer?

GLD: Oh, I’d have to say being able to let your imagination run completely wild. You can take all those bits and pieces from half-remembered dreams, mix them together, and come up with a tale that people just might fall in love with. Or at least enjoy.

Tell us about your upcoming book Arcane Solutions. What difficulties does main character Discord Jones face?

GLD: Discord is a newcomer to Arcane Solutions, an agency that accepts cases that deal with the supernatural. Her co-workers are a shifter and a witch, while Discord is a psychic wIth various abilities. For example, she can teleport and do psychometry (touch objects and ‘see’ the memories embedded in them). However, some of them don’t work on command, as she doesn’t have full control yet.

She wasn’t always a psychic, so is uncomfortable with the things she can do. She’s also dealing with the demise of a relationship, and Nick’s (the shifter she works with) interest in her. Her first two big cases involved a missing girl and a stolen book, which lead her into growing danger.

Nick is the protective type, which also causes problems, because Discord is ready to handle some things alone and he doesn’t want to back off and let her spread her wings, so to speak.

Discord Jones is an unusual name. How did you develop her character, and is she at all similar to you?

GLD: Her full name is Discordia Angel Jones. =)

Discord popped up relatively well-fleshed out. I knew she was a private detective with psychic abilities, and that those abilities caused problems for her. Even knew why she had them, and why they’d been inactive until the Melding.

I also knew that I didn’t want her to follow in the footsteps of a lot of urban fantasy heroines, becoming too powerful or collecting a string of men. So there are physical consequences to using them, and severe migraines result if she over does it, or she can lose consciousness. Discord’s kind of picky about men, and that prior relationship soured due to her ex-boyfriend’s rising paranoia about her abilities. Dating someone who can read your mind and sense your emotions would be rather off-putting, don’t you think? =)

She also has good relationships with her parents, and so will be spending time with them throughout the series.

I don’t think she has much in common with me, other than a sometimes inappropriate sense of humor, a desire to help people out as much as possible, and a healthy respect for the unknown. The supernatural beings are a relatively recent development to her world, so she’ll be learning about them as the series moves along.

Since we can’t get ahold of it yet, give us a teaser — your favourite passage from Arcane Solutions is…?

GLD: Eek. Well, it’s undergoing some rather major revisions at the moment, due to deciding I was trying to stuff in too many subplots. So I’ll give an excerpt that’s not likely to see any revisions, just some editing polish, that highlights some of the downside of her psychic abilities.

I’d been studiously ignoring the red silk puddled on my desk while typing the case report. Hitting save and emailing a copy of the file to my boss, I sat back to stare at it.

Some might think being able to pick up impressions from objects, animals, and even people is a really awesome ability. But getting whammied by the memory of someone being messily killed had proven to me how completely uncool psychometry really was.

I wore gloves for a long time after it showed up in my arsenal of psychic abilities. That first time was rather spectacular, involving a used sedan my mom was thinking of buying to replace her worn-out station wagon.

It had led to my aiding law enforcement in an investigation, and to meeting Mr. Whitehaven. On bad nights, the memory of the victim and that gleaming, old-fashioned straight razor dripping with blood can bring me screaming awake.

Because of the nightmares, my doctor diagnosed post traumatic stress, and I have a bottle of pills sitting in my medicine cabinet. After I lay trapped for hours, re-living that brutal murder over and over again, I decided those pills weren’t my friends and haven’t touched them since.

The things I have witnessed firsthand don’t haunt me the way transferred memories do. Yeah, they bother me, but only during the waking hours and if I think about them.

So I don’t as much as possible.

And now for something off-topic. Would you rather be a fish or a bird, and why?

GLD: A fish. I have nightmares about drowning, and fish don’t drown, LOL.

For more information about the Discord Jones series and an exact release date (expected October 2011), check out http://discordjones.com. And if you haven’t heard of GL Drummond before, you’re missing out. Rectify that immediately.


About A.M. Harte

A.M. Harte writes twisted speculative fiction, such as the post-apocalyptic Above Ground and the zombie love anthology Hungry For You. She is excellent at missing deadlines, has long forgotten what ‘free time’ means, and is utterly addicted to chocolate.
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4 Responses to 5 Minute Monday: GL Drummond

  1. I love Gayla. I love herrrrr. [fan-grrl wave]

  2. tmycann says:

    YAY! Gayla’s officially beginning her blog tour for Arcane Solutions… It’s REALLY coming! :D [another fan-grrl wave]

  3. Yes, it is!
    On the downside, I totally went back to the first idea, and cut out the revision idea of her being a newcomer, LOL.

    Feel free to smack me, Anna! =)

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