5 Minute Monday: JW Holmes

JW Holmes is a US veteran, former businessman, broadcaster, producer, and author of Christian-related books and the sci-fi series, The Nordic. He is the former CEO of a FOX News radio affiliate. As a producer, he produced and hosted for a local ESPN program among several other independent shows. He is also a former assistant minister.

Describe yourself in one tweet (140 characters).

JWH: I’m a 3rd generation Norwegian-American here in the United States, an Army veteran, and former broadcaster (FOX, ESPN affiliates).

Tell us about A Riff of His Own. What’s it about, and where did the idea come from?

JWH: Here’s a synopsis for A Riff of His Own:

Billy Matthews is a struggling blues musician that lives in the underground world of drugs, sex, and questionable characters. His quest for fame leads him down a road of having a casual relationship with God while always thinking of himself as a ‘nice guy’ to one of becoming one of the most tyrannical musicians in the rock scene almost destroying himself.

It isn’t until he meets a woman that turns out to be a Godsend that he begins to question his lifestyle and the road he’s on. Can she save Billy from complete destruction? Or does he continue down his monstrous path until the very end?

A Riff of His Own is a novel that shows us that in our darkest times is when God usually shows up, and what we think is the end and the impossible, isn’t always the case when Christ is involved.

The idea for A Riff of His Own really came from back when I was living my college days back in the 90’s. Back then we had more live music around campus and I always wondered what these guys did during the daytime when they weren’t playing. So, I took a story-line of bits and pieces of what we would hear from back in those days and applied it to the story of a young man who was tarting his adulthood off on the wrong foot and needing help to find salvation.

Fill in the blank: readers who hate ________ will love my book — and explain your choice.

JWH: Hmmm. Readers who hate ‘playing by the rules’ will love my book A Riff of His Own because I really feel that I touched on some very sensitive issues that most may not expect in a Christian fiction book. The every-page alcoholism, the drug usage, the lack of self-worth some characters took on, even the way the protagonist, Billy, sometimes knows what he is doing is wrong, but justifies doing it anyway because he believes he knows his life better than God does. It’s definitely a rocky story for religious fiction, I think.

Why did you choose the indie publishing route, and how have you found it thus far?

JWH: Indie publishing is wonderful, but it’s a vastly different market than when I was first starting out all those years ago when we would still be writing on a typewriter and using white-out! Two things I do not miss! :) Years ago the only way to go really unless you were already independently wealthy, was the traditional route, but now we have everything at our disposal to make indie publishing a reality for any author wanting to work at it. To be honest, I enjoy indie publishing because I am in charge of everything and every detail. Everything form my book cover to the contents of those books and even where I want to sell it. Plus, the money’s not bad either and as an indie author, we get to keep a lot more of it! :)

What future projects can we expect from you?

JWH: Right now I am working on four different novelette series fantasy books which come out one per week every month, as well as the sci-fi novel series, The Nordic, which I had originally written as a screenplay intended for British market television. I am also still working on a novel a month with most written on Christian fiction.

You can find JW Holmes on his website or on Facebook. His novel, A Riff of His Own, is available on Kindle.


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