5 Minute Monday: Lynne Murray

Lynne Murray writes fast-moving books with fun and funny adventures featuring life-sized heroines. She admits to have a slightly rebellious streak when it comes to storytelling, and has written romantic comedies, vampire romps, and mysteries, offering an antidote to modern society’s view that heroines only come in size zero packages.

Describe yourself in one tweet (140 characters).

LM: I’ve loved books since before I could read, and I aim to empower and entertain with large as life characters, fun and funny stories.

Tell us about The Falstaff Vampire Files. What’s it about, and where did the idea come from?

LM: The book is about Sir John Falstaff–undead and misbehaving in San Francisco–mainly told from the viewpoint of Kristin Marlowe, a psychologist who starts out being skeptical about the very existence of vampires.

When I started to think about writing a vampire book I wondered what a real life psychologist would think if one of her clients talked about vampires. I was pretty sure the client would be considered delusional. So Kris, a San Francisco therapist doesn’t believe in vampires even when she meets one. Worse yet the vampire tells her he’s Sir John Falstaff, a fictional character, so she figures he’s doubly delusional. She starts to believe him when he bites her in the neck and then follows her home and charms her vampire-romance-writing landlady into letting him install his coffin in her home.

I thought Sir John Falstaff, being a rogue and con man would make an excellent vampire. Sure enough as soon as the idea of Falstaff as a modern vampire in San Francisco arose in my mind, the character immediately stood up, looked around, and demanded to be taken to the Big and Tall Men’s Clothing Store–at the heroine’s expense of course. Then he wanted to a restaurant where patrons were eating roast pork and sack sherry to slake his desire for properly seasoned blood.

I also liked the idea that San Francisco would have an underground vampire society with orientation for the newly undead, lawyers, tradesmen and a Night Court to keep order.

Fill in the blank: readers who hate ________ will love my book — and explain your choice.

LM: Readers who hate depressing “literary” fiction with no plot, humor or satisfying endings will love my book. I try to weave in fun ideas–such as a vampire Falstaff meeting Shakespeare in a tavern and inspiring him–with things that either inspire or sometimes even scare me like the hordes of life-devouring critters that vampires and humans join forces to fight for the survival of both. When I read a book I want to enjoy the company of the characters and be amazed and delighted to see how they manage to win, even when it doesn’t seem possible. I try to provide that experience for readers of my books.

Why did you choose the indie publishing route, and how have you found it thus far?

LM: I have had five books published with large publishers and three with small indie presses. The big publishers have the clout to get reviews and bookstore placement, but only for a brief period of time. I find that the indies keep the book in print longer, and work harder with the author to find an audience for the book. Working with Pearlsong Press has been a very friendly experience, with the publisher and authors all supporting and encouraging one another.

What future projects can we expect from you?

LM: I’ve got a couple of other books in the works–another one with Falstaff Vampire (The Hungry Ghost’s Tale). Also in line is a more science fiction/fantasy tale I’m calling Gravitas, about a woman from a matriarchial planet, carrying a year’s supply her world’s main export (a legendary, powerful and potentially lethal aphrodesiac), accidentally stranded on earth, where she cannot easily be rescued as the planet has been placed under quarantine for the protection of its inhabitants. I realize that description may make it sound a bit pornographic, but it’s actually more humorously satirical like all my writing.

You can purchase your copy of The Falstaff Vampire Files from Pearlsong Press for $4.99 (ebook). To learn more about Lynne, check out her website at http://www.lmurray.com.


About A.M. Harte

A.M. Harte writes twisted speculative fiction, such as the post-apocalyptic Above Ground and the zombie love anthology Hungry For You. She is excellent at missing deadlines, has long forgotten what ‘free time’ means, and is utterly addicted to chocolate.
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