5 Minute Monday: Prue Batten

Fantasy and historical fiction writer Prue Batten has been writing since she was a child, fiddling with paper and pens. She lives in Hobart, the capital of Tasmania, and thinks the security, beauty and freedom of living removed from the rest of the world is a perfect environment in which to write. She is most at home on the coast, and when time and seasons permit, she loads the Jack Russell terriers in the car and heads to a little ‘House’ on the coast to write, swim, walk and kayak.

A little about you, first: give us three fun facts about yourself.

PB: I live in Tasmania, co-wrote a novel on Twitter and have a laughable one star review on Amazon.co.uk.

Give us a two-line elevator pitch for your book.

PB: The fantasy novel, A Thousand Glass Flowers, is about an immortal man and a mortal woman who discover the infinite price that must be paid to get what they want as they seek for ancient and deadly charms concealed inside the flowers within glass paperweights.

Is there anything you want readers to take away from your writing? What is it?

PB: Definitely. That in the words of author SJA Turney, my work ‘is pure grace between cardboard covers.’ To which I might add ‘and also on the screen of a Kindle.’

Which other indie authors do you recommend or admire?

PB: Ann Swinfenn, Mark Williams and Saffina Desforgesn, Barbara Silkstone, Anne R Allen, India Drummond, Lucinda Brant, Shea Macleod, Louise Wise… to name just a few!

Lastly, what question should I have asked you, and why?

PB: Why indie?

Glass Flowers went into editorial assessment and came out with accolades. But the GFC had hit, publishing and agencies were in turmoil and no one was prepared to take on an unknown. This little light beckoned from a place called Indie, a world that seemed as enticing and dramatic as CS Lewis’s ‘Ward Robe’.

I love the indie system. I get to negotiate with a cover designer, I get to publish when ready, talk with bloggers and reviewers at my pace. I am in control. Best of all I am directly in contact, almost personally, with readers. That matters.

Find out more by visiting Prue’s website, pruebatten.com; her blog, mesmered.wordpress.com; or by browsing her books on Amazon.


About A.M. Harte

A.M. Harte writes twisted speculative fiction, such as the post-apocalyptic Above Ground and the zombie love anthology Hungry For You. She is excellent at missing deadlines, has long forgotten what ‘free time’ means, and is utterly addicted to chocolate.
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