How NOT to Get Reviewed #4

Part of a series. When you get hundreds of book review requests, you only take minutes to decide which books to accept. What goes through a book bloggers mind? I can’t speak for all bloggers, but here’s what goes through mine….

From: –
To: my email
Subject line: Review Request and Possible Interview

Hello Anna

You know who I am, great!

[Book title] is a new novel set during the ’45 Rebellion. It has action, adventure, complex relationships and a modest dash of 18th century bawdiness.

Although on first reading, the start struck me as odd, I appreciate someone who gets right to the point. Within seconds I know whether I’ll like this book or not.

My name’s [Name] and I’m an independent author writing historical fiction as [Pseudonym]. I’m currently writing my third novel, although [book title] is the first to be published (by [publisher]) and is available in paperback, PDF and e-book formats.

Superfluous. Cut this down. Especially get rid of the mention of three books; that this is the first to be published only makes me suspicious (were the others crap?).

I’m attaching a PDF version of the Advanced Information sheet with further details. In addition, I have a website for [Pseudonym], and the URL is… [website] – although it’s still not being picked up fully by Search Engines.

Interesting! AIs are what trade publishers use; nice touch. Still, you’re rambling, but I haven’t dismissed you entirely.

The book is 650 pages long and has a word count of 300,000. You can preview [book title] either through [website] or the “Look Inside” function on the relevant Amazon page. I’m sure you’ll hate this but I have to confess that it’s also written in the first person.

And…. rejected. 300,000 words? I know being indie means you have a lot more freedom, but considering that the average trade paperback ranges in the 60-90k range, I wouldn’t write a 300k novel unless I was Stephen King. Maybe not even then. Over 100k (except for perhaps with science fiction) and you’re facing a long, difficult sell.

Basically, however, I wondered whether you might be interested in reviewing [book title] and, if so, the format in which you would prefer to receive it. I’m also available for interviews. I appreciate that you must have a huge backlog but I look forward to your response.

Very best regards.


Writing historical novels as [Pseudonym]
Now available from all good stockists. Click below to sample.
[Book title]

You read my guidelines. You rambled, but not enough to put me off. But even had the entire review request been bang-on perfect, your novel is enormous and will require serious commitment from a reader — which I am not willing to give to an unknown author. Rejected.


About A.M. Harte

A.M. Harte writes twisted speculative fiction, such as the post-apocalyptic Above Ground and the zombie love anthology Hungry For You. She is excellent at missing deadlines, has long forgotten what ‘free time’ means, and is utterly addicted to chocolate.
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  1. Wow that is one loooooong book!

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