Stats 2011

This year I’m running an Indie Fiction Alphabet Challenge, which aims to introduce participants to new indie authors. My reads for the challenge are listed below, are you can jump down to my full reading list of the year.

ABC Indie Fiction Challenge

ABC Indie Fiction Challenge 2011
A: Allison, Wesley — His Robot Girlfriend
B: Burkinshaw, Robin — Alice and Kev
C: Chambers, VJ — Little Sister
D: Davis, Amy Rose — Silver Thaw
F: Fletcher, Penelope — The Demon Girl
G: Gordon, Jan — Black Silk
J: Jeffrey, Shaun — Dead Man’s Eye
M: Maxwell, Adam — Chills, Kills & Snowflakes
R: Rockwell, Patricia — Sounds of Murder
S: Schreyer, Susan — Death By A Dark Horse
W: Whitten, Zoe E — Confessions of a Zombie Lover

Complete List of Reads

A full list of the works I’ve read this year. Re-reads are in italics, linked titles are freely available, and links on dates lead to my review.

# Title Author Genre Read
1 Twilight Parody Zoe E. Whitten Fantasy Jan 1
2 Alice and Kev Robin Burkinshaw Contemp Jan 1
3 Black Silk Jan Gordon Paranormal Jan 4
4 His Robot Girlfriend Wesley Allison Scifi Jan 5
5 Sullivan’s Travels d.p.murphy Scifi Jan 7
6 The Millionaire’s Ultimate Catch Michelle Monkou Romance Jan 9
7 Wolfkin Elaine Corvidae Fantasy Jan 10
8 Crow Queen Elaine Corvidae Fantasy Jan 10
9 Dragon’s Son Elaine Corvidae Fantasy Jan 11
10 Excelsior George H. Sirois SciFi Jan 15
11 Irish Moon Amber Scott Romance Jan 15
12 Death By A Dark Horse Susan Schreyer Mystery Jan 16
13 Demonheart Elaine Corvidae Fantasy Jan 17
14 Seaborn Chris Howard Fantasy Jan 19
15 Chills, Kills & Snowflakes Adam Maxwell Horror Jan 21
16 Save My Soul Zoe Winters Fantasy Jan 29
17 Our Tragic Universe Scarlett Thomas Fiction Feb 2
18 The Time Traveler’s Wife Audrey Niffenegger SciFi Feb 11
19 The Confessions of Catherine De Medici CW Gortner Historical Feb 15?
20 Angelology Danielle Trussoni Thriller Feb 17?
21 Silver Thaw Amy Rose David Fantasy Feb 20
22 The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas John Boyne Children’s Feb 23
23 The Game Neil Strauss Nonfiction Mar 5
24 Dead Man’s Eye Shaun Jeffrey Horror Mar 10
25 Little Sister VJ Chambers Fantasy Mar 11
26 Sounds of Murder Patricia Rockwell Mystery Mar 15
27 Levels of Deception Susan Schreyer Mystery Mar 20
28 The Archivists MCM Thriller Mar 26
29 Confessions of a Zombie Lover Zoe E Whitten Horror Mar 27
30 Irregular Creatures Chuck Wendig Anthology Mar 29
31 Like A Moonrise Various Anthology May 2
32 Four Major Plays Henrik Ibsen Plays May 11
33 The Girl Who Played With Fire Stieg Larsson Thriller May 13
34 Past the Borders Christopher Ruz Anthology May 21
35 Neuromancer William Gibson Science fiction June 3
36 The Antithesis Terra Whiteman Science fantasy ??
37 The Antithesis 2 Alpha Terra Whiteman Science fantasy ??
38 The Antithesis 2 Beta Terra Whiteman Science fantasy ??
39 Bone Fragments Gabriel Gadfly Poetry June
40 Tales for Canterbury Multiple Anthology June 28
41 The Subtle Knife Philip Pullman Fantasy July 2
42 The Amber Spyglass Philip Pullman Fantasy July 5
43 Water for Elephants Sara Gruen Fiction July 8
44 Incubus Carol Goodman Fantasy July 11
45 Impulse Control Susan Bischoff Fantasy July 13
46 The Possibility of an Island Michel Houellebecq Scifi July 23
47 City of Fallen Angels Cassandra Clare Fantasy July 29
48 The Demon Girl Penelope Fletcher Fantasy July 30
49 The Phoenix Conspiracy Richard L Sanders Scifi Aug 7
50 Falling Cecilia Gray Romance Aug ?
51 Grow Up Ben Brooks Contemp July 14
52 The Drowning People Richard Mason Contemp July ?
53 Red Kait Nolan Fantasy Sept 4
54 Heroes Til Curfew Susan Bischoff Fantasy Sept 8
55 Split Self Isa K Fantasy Oct 5
56 The Girl Born of Smoke Jessica Billings Fantasy Oct 9
57 The Taker Alma Katsu Historical Nov 1
58 How To Write The Perfect Novel Chancery Stone Non-fiction Nov 8
59 The Atheist’s Guide to Christmas Multiple Non-fiction Dec 1
60 The Last Werewolf Glen Duncan Fantasy Dec 19
61 Dragonriders of Pern Anne McCaffrey Fantasy Dec
62 Dragonriders of Pern 2 Anne McCaffrey Fantasy Dec
63 Ventricle Atrium Gabriel Gadfly Poetry Dec
64 Gangster M Jones Science fiction Aug?
65 Touchstone Letitia Coyne Historical ??
66 The Destructibles Isa KFT Science fiction ??

… and a bunch more I forgot to add to the list.