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Spotlight: A Tale of Two Goblins by HP Mallory

Last October I reviewed To Kill A Warlock (Dulcie O’Neil Series #1), an entertaining paranormal romance. You may be interested to know that Book 2 in the series, A Tale of Two Goblins, has recently been published! More details below. … Continue reading

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Romance Giveaway: Winners Announced!

I completely forgot about the giveaway which ended on Monday — so this is a belated post to announce the winners! I’ve mentioned H.P. Mallory several times now (for all posts, see here) — she’s a friendly author of fun, … Continue reading

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Interview with HP Mallory & Giveaway!

I’ve mentioned HP Mallory a couple times already, but for those not in the know she’s an indie urban fantasy & paranormal romance author. Today she joins QAZ for a quick interview, and two of you lucky readers have a chance to win a copy of her books! Continue reading

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Murders, monsters, and kick-ass fairy police

You may remember I recently reviewed another of HP Mallory’s novels, Fire Burn, an urban fantasy/paranormal romance following psychic witch Jolie Wilkins as she is unwillingly dragged into Underworld politics. (Speaking of which, from now until October 31, HP Mallory … Continue reading

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Reader’s Log #4: more books to read!

When I set the goal of reading 100 books in a year, I never actually thought I’d make it. And halfway through the year, when I reached 50, I considered dropping the challenge all together because it was taking up … Continue reading

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Paranormal toil and trouble works like a charm

Fire Burn and Cauldron Bubble by HP Mallory The eternal pitfall of judging a book by its cover — I have to say, had I not read an excerpt, I might have refused the review copy. I am after all … Continue reading

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October Reads

As the weather turns bitter and costumes appear in neglected corners of local Sainsbury’s, it’s time to curl up in bed with tales of death, witches, and other such magics. For a quick fix, check out the short and sweet … Continue reading

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Reader’s Log #3

I should really do these updates more often (like how Jessica does her Sunday Reflections) but somehow I always forget to. So let me sit down on this quiet Sunday — the quiet before the storm! — and give you … Continue reading

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