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5 Minute Monday: Zoe E Whitten

Zoe E. Whitten writes in a variety of genres and publishes her work through Smashwords (ebook) and Lulu (print). Her blog contains her rants and rambles, rare review for music, books, and other stuff, and links to her latest releases. Continue reading

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Confessions of a Zombie Lover by Zoe E. Whitten – Horror

Whitten’s fearlessness in the face of difficult subjects does her credit in the Zombie Era series. Recommended for those looking for an alternative zombie. Continue reading

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Top 10 2010 New Fiction Reads

Since I completed this year’s 100+ Reading Challenge, I’ve been thinking back on the novels I’ve read and all the new authors I’ve discovered. It’s been a great journey and I’d like to share a little about my experiences with … Continue reading

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5 minutes with Zoe E Whitten

Zoe E Whitten is a prolific writer of dark fiction — the kind to make your skin crawl and your imagination go into overdrive. A couple days ago I reviewed The Sole Survivors’ Club (her latest release) and figured it was high time to have her around for a quick cha Continue reading

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The Sole Survivors’ Club by Zoe E. Whitten

3.5/5 stars. A thrilling and fascinating read. The world-building is superb and the plot’s strong enough to keep you reading until 2am in the morning (yep, guilty as charged…) Continue reading

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Reader’s Log #1

What with the new review focus of this blog, I thought it might be helpful if I now and then broke away from reviews to give you a little update on what is going on in my life and on … Continue reading

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Wake Up With the Kimellians by Zoe E Whitten

I couldn’t let Read an eBook Week go by without reviewing at least one ebook, so here goes! * * * * * Wake Up With the Kimellians by Zoe E. Whitten While I’ve read other work by Zoe E. … Continue reading

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Haunting Sins by Zoe E. Whitten

A review of the horror tale “Haunting Sins”, which follows David as his new job leads him down a dark path. Continue reading

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