Writing Tips & Tricks

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Webfiction sites:

Weblit.us: by webfiction writers, for writers.
Novelr: about reading, writing, and publishing internet fiction.
Ergofiction: e-zine for webfiction fans.
Blovel: a resource for blog novel writers.
Story Mash: the future of collaborative fiction writing.
50 Awesome Open (free) Courses For Web Writers

Forward Motion for Writers: helping writers become professionally published.

50 Useful Blogs For Writers

• On twitter:

– the webserials twibe



Getting Started:
Suite101 Lessons: Why & What to Write
First Steps in Plotting a Novel
Just A Phase (write better faster by using an outline!)
10 Ways to Find 10 Minutes to Write
Notecards: Plotting Under Pressure

Creating Characters:
Building 3 Dimensional Characters using the diamond method.
POV and Character Description
How to Filter Description Through Your Characters

Creating Settings:
• Get inspiration for settings at Curious Expeditions

Showing vs. Telling

Pro Writing Tips

Combating Writer’s Block:
Top 10 Tips for Overcoming Writer’s Block
Widgets to Cure Writer’s Block
The Psychology of Failure
Feath’s Tarot Quick Question, a writer’s prompt to inspire ideas
How to End Writer’s Block Forever
Writing Prompts Generator
Character Name Generator
51 ways to kickstart creativity

Editing for Tighter Copy
Identifying and Eliminating Your Habit Words
Basic Proofreading Tips

Getting published:
How to write a book proposal

Marketing your work:
Promoting your online fiction

3 Responses to Writing Tips & Tricks

  1. Hi quillsandzebras – many thanks for including my blog, Online Novels, in your list of Web Fiction Directories.

    Sincerely, Susan Crealock

  2. Carmen says:

    What a great resource for aspiring writers! I’ve been trying to put together a list of links to help students who ask me about creative writing (like I would know anything :P) and you’ve got almost all of the topics I’ve been collecting already up here.

    If you like, you could include “pantsing” vs. plotting with showing vs. telling.

    • a.m.harte says:

      Good idea — I need to go through the links and update them actually! I keep stumbling across useful posts when I am researching the topic myself, I figure it’s helpful to show what I find to others!

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